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Slimming properties
Through a series of pleasant sessions, Thermodermie sculpts your body.

An Anti-cellulite Action

Stimulation by skin aspiration promotes revascularisation.

A Revolutionary Method
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The method and the effects of treatment

The basis of this new method is the alternation of suctions and intradermal, potentially pulsed diffusion of a red and infrared radiation accompanied with a control of skin temperatures. This natural technique provides a treatment without any notable side effects, in a mild and relaxing manner, in direct contact with the skin.

Slimming and anti-cellulite actions

Thermodermie® sculpts your body, tones your chest, firms your buttocks and revitalises your face. Stimulation by skin aspiration promotes revascularisation and cell draining. The heat of the infrared beam, by penetrating the core of the tissues, will unblock the fatty cells, the fatty acids of which are then drained and eliminated naturally. The red portion of the radiated beam will stimulate the production of collagen.

Debussy acts through six concomitant mechanisms:

1. A mechanical and energetic stimulation of the dermis and hypodermis by alternating suctions
2. A controlled thermodynamic warming by radiation of the hypodermis with hydrolysis of fats into fatty acid
3. A revascularisation of tissues and a metabolic stimulation
4. Toning of elastin fibres and collagen reformation
5. Elimination of hydric retention and toxins
6. An analgesic effect on pain

Re-establish cellular equilibrium

The mechanism of biological action of the Debussy machine rests on the intracellular metabolic exchanges which restarts microcirculation, the energetic activity and the normal multiplication of ischaemic cells of affected tissues.
The alternating suction of the skin stimulates the dermis actively, destabilises lipid chains, acts on the cellulite deposits by revascularisation of adipocytes, boosts blood circulation, unblocks the tissues, eliminates toxins and activates the circulation of the lymphatic system.
The infrared radiation penetrates the tissues deeply. It activates the neuro-hormonal factors and the immunity system; it promotes muscular decontraction and contributes in relieving sore joint pains.

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